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No Judgements: Is It Ok to Talk Straight With Troubled Teens?

A guaranteed way of inviting problems into your relationship with your teenager is by sending mixed or unclear messages. Communication is the number one way to keeping your child happy and healthy. It helps build a foundation of trust, helps tone down frustration and stress in the family, fosters a healthy self-esteem and encourages positive behavior. Talking straight, without judgements, to your teen will open doors for all concerned and strengthen your relationship.

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Good Communication with Troubled Teens Builds a Foundation of Trust

The most important parenting skill you will need is effective communication. Learning to talk to your child is the basis for all other parenting skills that you will need to raise a successful young adult. When using consistent interaction and discipline with their boys and girls, parents are able to enjoy a better relationship with them. While many mother and fathers feel it is almost impossible to have a conversation with their adolescent, they still need you. However, there are tips to keep the conversation going in your home.

Helpful Suggestions for Talking With Teenagers

Listen without judgements
Talk often to bring out positive opinions and ideas
Treat them with respect
No yelling! keep your voice down
Be detailed about what you expect
Write down what you expect them to do
Do things together
Be a good example
Never give the silent treatment
Explain your reasoning whenever possible

Another important part of conversation with adolescents is to give genuine praise. Kids who receive compliments from their families and the adults around them have more self-confidence and a higher self-esteem. They are better able to form good habits based on the praise they receive. Compliment the good things they are doing, but be genuine. No “buts” allowed, or you’ll ruin the compliment and try not to praise how your child looks too often because this can lead to body image issues.

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