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Behavior Modification Programs For Teens

Turning Winds is a Therapeutic Boarding School in Montana for teens and it proudly delivers an accredited Academic and Adventure Therapy Program to help at-risk adolescent boys and girls who are in need of rehabilitation for issues such as: addiction and substance abuse. Turning Winds uncovers the mental health problems that teens are dealing with, so the appropriate treatment can be started immediately. With the breathtaking and inspiring landscape of the Big Sky Country, we help adolescent boys and girls get back on the right track to reunite them with their families and all those whose lives they impact.

When adolescent boys and girls are at-risk with substance abuse, or behavioral issues, behavior modification programs, as well as cognitive therapy, can result in the positive changes he or she needs for a long lasting transformation. Turning Winds offers a therapeutic, yet structured environment that has helped thousands of teens gain insight into and take responsibility for their past behaviors (such as: hanging with the wrong crowds, and negative changes in school performance), while also developing the life skills and personal traits necessary for a successful life. Here, teens continue their education in our accredited therapeutic boarding school, while also engaging in constant activities designed to build mind, body, and strength.

What Is Behavior Modification Therapy?

Behavior modification therapy is defined as the use of punishments and rewards to eliminate problematic and undesired behaviors. Based on B.F. Skinner’s concept of operant conditioning, it operates under the theory that learned behaviors can be unlearned using a variety of proven techniques, including positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behaviors and negative reinforcement to promote the elimination of unhealthy actions.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

While engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy, troubled teens become aware of their negative behaviors and thought patterns, while also acquiring the ability to look at challenging situations more clearly and respond more effectively to them. For example, they learn how to better tackle their emotions, handle stress, cope with grief, and restore relationship conflicts.

Both behavior modification therapy and cognitive therapy have been used to successfully manage numerous behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse problems. They include oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and more. At Turning Winds, we are faithful to helping teens in crisis rediscover the person who may be hiding inside and believe in their potential, while reuniting them with their family and loved ones and putting them on the path to long term success.

Behavior Modification Overall Results In Troubled Teens Examined

Often referred to as the “gold standard” in psychotherapeutic therapy for teens, cognitive therapy and behavior modification techniques have been used to successfully manage a wide array of mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral problems in troubled young men and women. At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we evaluate these types of therapies, as well as other proven therapeutic interventions, to help struggling teens gain insight into their behaviors and make the changes needed to start down and maintain a healthy and positive path in life. While engaging in constant activities devised to build strength of mind, body, and character, teens also continue their education in our accredited therapeutic boarding school.

Behavior modification programs for teens focus on identifying negative behaviors and eliminating them using positive and negative reinforcements. When a negative behavior is identified and observed, it is targeted and stopped, while a positive behavior is strengthened to encourage continuing it. For example, if a teen chooses not to keep his or her room clean, they may not get to participate in an activity they enjoy. However, if they complete an assignment in the allotted time, they may earn added activity time. Consistency is crucial for success.

As teens work on changing their behaviors, they tend to experience improvements in their cognitions, including their attitude, self-concepts, and thoughts. With these cognitive changes, they start to understand the true impact of their past behaviors and take accountability for their actions, which motivates them to make positive changes and practice healthy behaviors.

At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we are proud to offer the benefits of a therapeutic boarding school, wilderness program, and residential treatment center in one location. By constantly engaging troubled teens in validated therapeutic modalities, including behavior modification and cognitive therapy, we help them rediscover their strengths and become the successful teen they are meant to be. Contact one of our professional admissions specialists at (800) 845-1380 today!

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