How Drug or Substance Abuse Affects Relationships with Family and Friends

Drug or substance abuse affects a troubled teen’s relationship with their family and friends; because the drug abuse causes outbursts of anger and moodiness, those close to the troubled teen don’t know how to handle the troubled teen’s behavior. For information on how residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can help mend relationships and help troubled teens become sober contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

Troubled teens who abuse drugs and substances often start because they are either pressured into doing so to feel accepted or because they have past struggles that they don’t want to face and use to escape from their troubles.  Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers have drug rehabilitation programs to help the teen face their problems and to better understand why they started to abuse drugs and substances and ways to stay sober upon returning home.

Reasons and Help for Troubled Teens Who Struggle With Substance Abuse and Relationships

There are several reasons why a troubled teen starts abusing drugs and substances; some just start because they want to, some because they are pressured, and some to avoid past pain. What these teens don’t realize is that while avoiding pain or “having fun” they are creating additional pain for their friends, family, and themselves.

The teen doesn’t have consequential thinking and don’t understand the full impact that their abuse has on the trajectory of their lives. The relationships that were beneficial and healthy slowly fall apart as the troubled teen continues in a downward spiral of drug and substance abuse.

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers have the most qualified of staff and therapists working there to help the troubled teen embrace sobriety. While the ultimate decision to remain sober is up to the troubled teen, the therapist explains the damage that drug abuse has caused in their relationships and the affects it will have on their future ones if they continue down the path they chose to take. Troubled teens will learn consequential thinking and ways to remain sober while they attend these residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools.

For more information on how residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teens who struggle with drug and substance abuse and the damaged relationships caused by this please contact Zion’ Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

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