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Parents of troubled teenagers who are seeking help for their child may find counseling to be a helpful way for their teen to open up and work through their problems rather than hiding them and acting out in negative behaviors.

Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can be positive ways for teens to receive counseling and a guaranteed way that the teens will be in the sessions. For more information on how to get help for troubled teens contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

There are many forms of counseling. Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools have multiple forms of therapyequine therapydrug and substance abuse recovery sessions, eating disorder help, and individual and group therapy sessions among many others.

These elements are combined to help provide the best possible healing for the troubled teenagers. Each teen is different with a different set of struggles, and residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are licensed to help address multiple problems.

Forms of Counseling for Troubled Teens

The most common form of therapy for teenagers is Equine therapy. This is a form of counseling that works with horses on a daily bases, helping to teach the troubled teens responsibilityaccountabilityemotional maturity, and provides a way to practice better communication.

Equine therapy is a preferred method of counseling because a troubled teen will open up with an animal due to the feeling of safety with the knowledge that the animal won’t judge the teen for what they feel or say.

Group and individual therapy is a way to help a teen to open up and work on their communication skills. Troubled teenagers express themselves by acting out in negative behaviors; the groups help to provide a way for teens to formulate their emotions into words and to process what they are feeling rather than acting out.

These groups help the teenagers to process their emotions and find positive ways to handle their negative emotions that they can use once they return home.

Drug and substance abuse recovery programs help the troubled teenagers to uncover the reasons they are using, usually by facing past problems and struggles that the teen never emotionally recovered from.

The program helps the troubled teens to become sober, and find other, healthier, coping methods to help ensure their sobriety once they return home. Once they work through their emotional struggles they can find better ways to live their life that won’t ruin relationships.

For more information on how residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teens to further their life and receive counseling, please contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

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