Educational Consultants Helping Families of Troubled Teens

Educational consultants specializing in the the therapeutic treatment of families with troubled teens, dedicatiung themselves to the process of “family advocacy”. Finding the right therapeutic school or program for troubled teens is one of the most important decisions parents will ever make. Making the “right” choice is extremely imperative. Finding the right therapeutic and educational fit, however, is almost impossible without professional help.

Educational Consultants helps parents find the perfect solution and the best fit so that troubled teens can get the therapeutic help they need.  Educational consultants take into consideration all factors relevant to the child and family, and then help the parent find a perfect matching service.

Educational Consultants giving critical guidance and assistance to parents of troubled teens. They serve as a Life Coach for the family – teenagers and young adults, and parents.

We recommend Zion Educational Systems, a team of experienced consultants specializing in:

Therapeutic Boarding School Placements
Boarding schools for children with learning disabilities.
Help for Troubled Teens
Therapeutic interventions
Short-term programs
long-term residential options for underachieving, self-destructive students.
Wilderness programs with and without substance abuse treatment.
Drug and alcohol programs
Treatment and aftercare for teens and young adults.
Transitional living programs for young adults.
Long-term care for teens with extraordinary needs.

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