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Therapeutic Schools and Programs For Troubled Teens

Zion Educational Systems (ZES) is a resource for parents of troubled teens.

Get Help For Your Troubled Teenager!

We help parents of troubled teens find therapeutic schools, programs, and services.

Our Vision

To privately connect parents of struggling or troubled teenagers, adolescents to the best therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, transitional living programs or practitioners specializing in the type of help these troubled teenagers need.

Our Promise

The therapeutic schools and programs we recommend or feature are researched and vetted by our team of experts and provide the highest quality therapeutic services to the troubled teenagers they serve.

Our Goal

Our goal and objective is to provide easy access to the best therapeutic services and programs to help troubled teenagers, all from one point of contact. We want to get you in touch privately with the best therapeutic school or other resources for parents of troubled teenagers. We are an Internet service that will protect your child's and your privacy, We understand that your family is going through a difficult time and can help you as we have helped many families since 2010.

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Programs for Troubled Teens

Zion Educational Systems is the premier online resource for parents who are looking for Programs for Troubled Teens, Boarding Schools, and Therapeutic Services. Zion Educational Systems (ZES) was created for the sole purpose of guiding and assisting parents of troubled teens with the challenging task of deciding which of the countless programs will best serve the therapeutic needs of their troubled teen. There are various issues affecting troubled teens today that require professional treatment and therapy. Today, there are numerous treatment programs that specialize in specific types of therapy and disorders, and specialize in assisting particular types of people and backgrounds.

The question is, how does a parent know which program is best? Are you the parent of a child who is struggling with issues related to addiction and substance abuse? Is your child adopted and therefore experiencing common adoption-related issues? Is your child acting out in self-destructive ways? Is your child struggling with depression or suffering from other mental health issues? There is a diversity of therapeutic options that are available to suit your struggling child.

We Help Parents of Adolescents Boy or Girl

Select one of the topics below to learn more

Teenager in Crisis

7 signs your teen is in crisis and it may be time to intervene.

Teen Behavioral Issues

A must-read for every parent, a guide to teen behavior issues.

Therapeutic Boarding School

What to expect from these troubled teen programs.

Advice and Resources to Parents of Troubled Teens who is Looking Therapeutic Schools and Programs

At Zion Educational Systems, we recommend that you seek professional support when looking for the perfect solution for your teenage child. Our goal is to reduce the chances of failure for both parents and troubled teens. Let us coach and guide you towards a successful therapeutic option for your child. We have trained staff who can assist you. Call for help at (866) 471-8579.

Essential Directories and Resources to the Parents

If your child has been diagnosed with behavioral and or mental health issues, ask us about Behavioral Boarding Schools. Some diagnoses like ADHD, ADD, RAD, or ODD, as well as some Spectrum Disorders, are the root of many issues leading to the development of “troubled teens.”  

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