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When Did My Teen Become Such a Jerk?

It happens so fast, teens will be talking normally, smile and giggle and act like a sweetheart. But, when they’re in a bad mood, words spill out of their mouths before they even think about it. They can be such jerks! And although we may understand the reasons for their bad mood, these kind of outbursts should not be tolerated. As a parent, how do you know if your child’s behavior has crossed the line and become truly disrespectful?

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What Does it Mean When Your Teen Rolls Her Eyes?

The distinction between mild rebelliousness and disrespect has to be understood very clearly. To determine whether or not your child has gone too far, parents need to ponder whether their adolescent is expressing general frustration or whether they are deliberately being hurtful and abusive. When your teenager rolls her eyes and stomps up the stairs, it’s pretty harmless. But that is very different from telling you that you’re a jerk or that you’re stupid; there is quite a distinction.

Independence Has Nothing to Do with Disrespect

Caretakers need to understand that the small acts of rebelliousness usually come from the fact that boys and girls want to be independent and it has nothing to do with disrespect. So, do not take this conduct personally. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to take our kid’s conduct personally. Your role is to just deal with the conduct as objectively as possible. When parents don’t have effective ways to handle these kinds of things, they may feel out of control and often overreact to the situation. This will not help your child learn to manage his thoughts or emotions more effectively or be more respectful.

Make no mistake, when true contempt is directed toward a specific family member and it’s condescending and rude, it has to be dealt with immediately. There are consequences for being a rude. Then, let the teen know what the consequences are and follow through. Do not let the behavior slide after coming to an agreement with your adolescent the first time the rude incident happens.

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