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Christian boarding schools for troubled teens are designed to offer therapeutic-based academic programming for troubled boys and troubled girls. Zion Educational Systems is an Educational Consulting firm whose sole purpose is to serve parents of troubled teens. Our goal is to coach hurting parents and help them find the right Christian boarding schools that is designed to treat struggling adolescents who need academic and clinical help.

Christian boarding schools for boys and girls strive to present outstanding academics (college prep) in a therapeutic setting.  Moreover, they place a strong emphasis on building “positive atmosphere”. With the best boarding schools the main purpose is to restore struggling teens emotionally, therapeutically, and academically.  The outcome is to help young people to have a more fulfilling and less-destructive life.

The top Christian Boarding Schools for troubled boys and troubled girls are known by Educational Consultants and other academic advisors.  Meaning, the top schools are usually full (full admissions).  The best schools for troubled teens are very competitive and parents need “an inside edge” to get into the school.  Zion Educational Systems can help represent you and your child through the application and enrollment process.  Our job is to save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache.  Call (866) 471-8579.

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