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Troubled teens with anxiety can receive treatment for their issues from a residential treatment center that provides a structured, caring, safe environment for teens. Anxiety is normal for adolescents to experience, even can help keep them safe in some situations. However, anxiety that last for weeks or longer becomes a problem for the lives of trouble teens. Some forms of anxiety are phobias, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), panic disorder, or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Troubled teens that experience the inability to relax, fatigue, become easily startled, have issues sleeping, or worry about things before they have happened are showing signs of anxiety disorders. Teens with anxiety disorders or other mental health problems can find help with therapeutic treatment instead of medications. 

Medications can often leave worse side effects than the actual disorder such as depressionhallucinations, and dependency on drugs. Therapeutic treatment can help teens find new ways of overcoming negative feelings with positive behaviors. 

However, therapeutic treatment for teens with anxiety is healthier and often times more helpful. Therapeutic treatment gives teens a chance to express their feelings of anxiety and why they are having feelings of anxiety. Although anxiety can be a good and helpful thing when it helps trouble teens deal with a tense situation. For example, when studying for a test, a little anxiety can make teens want to study hard. On the other hand, anxiety can be harmful, especially when it is excessive and irrational, and prevents teens from being able to focus. 

How to get Treatment for Teens with Anxiety

In order to get treatment for troubled teens with anxiety, parents should begin with a psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation will review the development and background of teens, past medical and psychiatric history, family background, and mental status exam. The second part of getting treatment for teens after the evaluation is the individual treatment plan. This includes possible therapy methods such as cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, and parent education and support. When therapeutic treatment fails to get anxiety in teens under control, parents then should look to medication to help with anxiety in troubled teens. 

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