Emotional Intelligence in Troubled Teens

Troubled teens that are emotionally immature often victimize, blame-shift, are co-dependentstruggle with their identity, and are narcissistic. For parents of troubled teen who lack emotional intelligenceresidential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools are positive forms of help for the troubled teen. For additional information on how residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools can help your troubled teen gain emotional intelligence contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

Teenagers rarely want to take accountability and responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They will instead blame-shift, mostly towards authoritative figures. Teen victimize, seeing everything that happens to them as other’s fault, and believe that the world is against them. When parents try to force their troubled teen to take responsibility or accountability for their actions, the teen becomes upset and victimizes. The parent becomes the person that is “out to hurt them”.

Troubled teen rarely see authoritative figures as trying to help them. While in a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school, troubled teen will receive therapy and counseling, showing them the error of their thinking and helping the troubled teen to better understand themselves, those around them, and what they are feeling. The most common forms of therapy include Equine therapydrug and substance abuse therapy, and individual and group sessions.

Therapy For Emotional Intelligence in Troubled Teens in Detail

Equine therapy is most commonly used in residential treatment centers and therapeutic schools to help the troubled teen to fully understand their emotions and how to process them. For the troubled teen that lack emotionally intelligence, understanding and being able to name what emotions they are feeling is the first step to becoming more emotionally mature.

Our individual and group therapy sessions are ways for the troubled to communicate in a mature manner what emotions they are experiences, why they believe they are experiencing these emotions, and to receive feedback on either how to handle these emotions or other perspectives from which to view a certain situation.

For more information on how residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teenagers who lack emotional intelligence, please contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 1-866-471-8579.

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