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Zion Educational Systems is the premier online resource for parents who are looking for Programs for Troubled Teens, Boarding Schools, and Therapeutic Services. Zion Educational Systems (ZES) was created for the sole purpose of guiding and assisting parents of troubled teens with the challenging task of deciding which of the countless programs will best serve the therapeutic needs of their troubled teen.

There are various issues affecting troubled teens today that require professional treatment and therapy. Today, there are numerous treatment programs that specialize in specific types of therapy and disorders, and specialize in assisting particular types of people and backgrounds.

There is a diversity of therapeutic options that are available to suit your struggling child.  When a parent starts to consider a troubled teen program to help their teenager, many questions arise. 

  • How does a parent know which program is best?
  • Are you the parent of a child who is struggling with issues related to addiction and substance abuse?
  • Is your child adopted and therefore experiencing common adoption-related issues?
  • Is your child acting out in self-destructive ways?
  • Is your child struggling with depression or suffering from other mental health issues? 

Find Help for Troubled Teens

Zion Educational Systems - Troubled Teen in Recovery at Academic ProgramGive our family advocate experts the chance to qualify your needs and recommend the ideal environment for your child. Parents do not need to watch their struggling child languish any longer.

Finding help begins with a simple phone call. Call ZES now at (866) 471-8579 to speak with one of our family advocates about a suitable program for your troubled teen.

The destructive outcomes that lay in wait for many troubled teens are entirely preventable, yet issues that are left untreated will usually result in drastic behavioral missteps, or much worse.

In some extreme cases, drug addiction and suicide have been the result of teenage issues that could have been resolved.

Top Troubled Teens Programs Are a Phone Call Away

The window of opportunity for treating teen problems is narrow. As adolescence progresses, their personalities are forming and becoming more permanent. Not to mention the fact that drugs and alcohol cause permanent damage to the developing brain.

There are adult therapy measures that can be utilized to treat unresolved issues, yet treating them at the developmental stages will provide more efficient opportunities as well as ensuring a happier and more effective quality of life. Parents seeking programs for troubled teens are taking proactive steps that will benefit their children throughout their lives.

Our experts in this field can help you today. Call a Zion Educational Systems family advocate today to get a better grasp on the direction that is best for your child. The experience of our advocates can be passed on to the parent, which will save precious time. They will help you with insurance questions, enrollment fees, transport services, and where to get the best help for your teen. They can be reached at (866) 471-8579.

Other Mental Health Resources for Parents:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – SAMHSA is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that guides the efforts of public health to improve the behavioral health of our nation. SAMHSA’s mission is to reduce the impact of mental illness and substance abuse on America’s communities.

National Council for Behavioral Health – The NCBH is the unifying voice of America’s addictions treatment and mental health institutions. With over 750,000 staff members and their 2,000 plus member organizations, NCBH serves more than 8 million of our country’s most vulnerable citizens.

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