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There are many problems that psychologists can help troubled teens with; reactive attachment disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders,  mood disorders, personality disorders, and adoption issues. Psychologist who work at therapeutic boarding schools can help get to the bottom of underlying issues in difficult teenagers that are causing them to act out.  For more information on how psychologist who work at therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teen please contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

Psychologist can have conversations with difficult teenagers that go on a deeper level, allowing them to address the underlying issues that cause teen to act out. These conversations help to address the issues rather than the behaviors, ensuring that the issue is addressed rather than fixing the behavior and having the difficult teen act out in other areas of their life. All of the issues listed above stem from a certain situation that occurred in the teen’s life or is genetically caused. The psychologist can properly diagnose the teen after the extensive work done with the child while at the therapeutic boarding school.

Ways Psychologist Can Help Troubled Teens

While some medication may be recommended, the daily therapy provided by the psychologist can help resolve the underlying issues without the assistance of medication. Psychologist can help diagnose what the exact issue is that causes the teen to act out in negative ways. Some forms of therapy are music therapyart therapy, equine therapy, individual sessions, and group sessions. These provide positive outlets for the difficult teen’s emotions and help the teen to find healthy ways to express themselves once they return home.

Equine therapy is the most common form of therapy provided by therapeutic boarding schools. Music and art therapy can be assigned by the psychologist, however they are not usually provided by the therapeutic boarding school. Psychologist help to address all of the issues that the difficult teen is struggling with, and knows what questions to ask to help a teen open up when the teen is unsure of how to start talking about what emotions they are experiencing.

For more information on how psychologist and therapeutic boarding schools can help your teen to face their issues instead of acting out in negative behaviors please contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-417-8579.

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