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Abnormal Psychology and Troubled Teens

Abnormal Psychology in Troubled Teens -

Residential treatment may be considered the "last-ditch" approach to treating dysfunctional behavior, or "abnormal psychology", of the troubled teen. The term "dysfunctional" in this case is defined as ‘abnormal or impaired functioning’ on the part of troubled teens, between the troubled teen and anyone else (in a relationship), or amongst members of the family of the out of control troubled teenager. 

Poor functioning refers to both behavior and relationships that aren’t working and have one or more negative, unhealthy aspects to them. Parents of troubled teens know this "condition" all too well. But the question is… is it really abnormal psychology", pathological in nature. Meaning, is their outrageous and dangerous behavior serious?

Teenagers often struggle with all sorts of behavioral issues, including aggression, lack of motivation, trouble at school, drug abuse, depression, and anxiety. Trained counselors and therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teens sort out their problems and get back on a track towards happiness and success. Call us at 866-471-8579 and learn about our out of control teenager programs.

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