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When You Ignore Your Teen’s Problems You Add Challenges to the Lives of Everyone He Will Meet

Peer pressure is a powerful thing, and many times, our kids will reluctantly go along with the crowd and do things that they are not comfortable with and know are harmful in order to be accepted and gain approval. However, this can lead to serious behavioral, emotional and health issues. If you ignore your adolescent’s problems, you add challenges to the lives of everyone he or she will meet.

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Too Many Parents Really Don’t Want to Know

As parents, how can we tell if our children are involved in a serious situation. This is a question many mothers and fathers ask themselves when their kid is having difficulties. Unfortunately, too many of them really don’t want to know the answer, They may do a little digging around to come up with answers, but then will presume that there is not a serious issue and will ignore all the signs and symptoms of the problems that their child actually displays.

Concerning Signs that Should Not Be Ignored

Your loving child turns mean
Appearance has gone down the tubes
Unfocused and staring into space
Is not keeping curfew or not coming home until the next day
Eye’s are red all the time or you’re finding bottles of eye drops
Signs of huffing or has a chemical smell on his clothes
Missing bottles and boxes of cold and cough medicines
Missing household items such as, vanilla extract, mouthwash, listerine, nutmeg
Hidden paraphernalia such as, pot pipe, cigarette lighter, anything unusual
Disappearing prescription medications
Questionable friends
Is looking unusually thin but denies having lost any weight
Eating binges

There is no question that in today’s society our young people face very tough issues. They need their parents to be on their side. You can help your adolescent face any situation and show him that you are on his side by using effective communication skills and tackling the struggles as they arise. However, when you know your teen needs help, it is important to find the best therapeutic program to work with them in healing and making positive changes.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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