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This is blog which contains hundreds of articles related to solutions and help for troubled teens: Some of the issues and topics presented here are: Christian Boarding Schools, Private Boarding Schools for Boys, Troubled Girls Programs, Troubled Boys Programs, Military Boarding Schools, Boot Camps, Wilderness Therapy Programs, and Therapeutic Boarding Schools. All schools, programs, and services for troubled teens are welcomed to submit articles relating to your company and program.


Substance Abuse/Addiction
Personality Disorders
Self –Esteem
Oppositional Defiance
Failure to Launch
School Problems
Identity issues
Sexuality issues
Learning Differences
Poor Social Skills
Relationship issues
Grief and loss
Family problems
Mild Eating Disorders
Process Addictions
Autism Spectrum Disorder

We encourage parents, staff, students and interested families to submit articles on solutions for troubled teens related help topics. Your entries will help other troubled boys and girls receive the benefit of your knowledge and help enrich their lives. No positive and appropriate troubled teen topic is exempt. Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys and Troubled Girls are some of our most often requested topics, but please don’t refrain from adding other types of programs and services, and please submit articles related to the same topic more than once. Parents of troubled teen girls would benefit from articles presented on all aspects of the boarding school experience, and would appreciate articles from different points of views portraying multiple opinions.

Typical Family of Troubled Teens

~ I don’t trust my child…
~ I am afraid for his (or her) life…
~ I don’t sleep well at night…
~ Fearful of answering the phone…
~ Waiting for the next shoe to drop…
~ My family is torn apart…
~ I walk on eggshells…
~ I live in constant drama…
~ I am concerned that my child will harm me, or someone else…
~ I am a prisoner in my own home…
~ Will this nightmare end?
~ Can someone help me?


We continue to encourage all people, including, life coaches, boarding school staff, therapists, teachers, parents, and leadership instructors to submit articles and essays regarding issues or concerns that you are qualified to present. This site is for people like you, parents of troubled teens, so please submit articles as you wish and as often as you desire. All appropriate topics and issues regarding boarding schools, boot camps, military schools, wilderness therapy camps, and other programs for troubled teens are welcome. Our goal is to share solutions for troubled teens.

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