Troubled Young Adults and Troubled Teens Struggling With Personality Disorders

Personality disorders in troubled teens and troubled young adults is a very common, yet troublesome issue that many parents nationwide deal with every day. 
Here at Zion Educational Systems, we serve parents of troubled young adults and troubled teens that are in desperate need of help. We point parents in the direction of this help and take the guess work out of finding the right treatment and therapeutic intervention programs for their son or daughter.
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There are many personality disorders and they can happen to any adolescent or young adult. Having a personality disorder means you have an unhealthy way of thinking and acting no matter what the situation is. This can lead to huge problems and limitations in relationships, social situations, work and school. In some cases, adolescents and young adults don’t even realize that they have a personality disorder because they have become accustom to this type of thinking and acting their whole lives. 
Different Types of Personality Disorders
– Paranoid Personality
– Schizoid Personality
– Schizotypal Personality
– Histrionic Personality 
– Narcissistic Personality
– Antisocial Personality

Zion Educational Systems has served countless troubled young adult and troubled teens struggling with personality disorders!

Parents of troubled young adults or troubled teens that suffer from one or more of the many personality disorders, we are here to help you. Please call one of our child placing specialists today. They are trained professionals, well versed in the many treatment options and therapeutic facilities that specialize in serving young adults and teens struggling with personality disorders. Call now at 866-471-8579

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