Resilience in Troubled Teens

Resilience is an important part of life; when natural disasters happen, death occurs, times become too much to handle, or some other tragedy strikes, getting back on your feet and carrying daily tasks can seem like too much to handle. Troubled teens can learn resilience with the help of therapeutic boarding schools. Resilience is learned, no one is born with it. For more information on how therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teens to gain resilience please contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-471-8579.

There are many steps to learning resilience. While the troubled teen is in the therapeutic boarding school, these steps are taught to them to help them get back on their feet. While it is hard for a troubled teen to get back to their normal routine after a tragedy, therapeutic boarding schools can provide a safe haven for teens to recover and get into a healing routine.

Deeper Look at Resilience in Troubled Teens

Talking about emotions is hard for a troubled teen; by sending them to a therapeutic boarding school the troubled teen can open up and discuss their emotions in a way that is comfortable for the teen and that the teen knows will be safe. Therapists help the troubled teen to name what emotions they are feeling and the ways that they can properly handle them. The standards for the troubled teens in therapeutic boarding schools are simple; they must take care of their emotional needs, and treat others respectfully while taking care of their responsibilities such as school. Taking care of themselves and making sure they get enough sleep and create a stress free zone where they can find peace on a daily bases is important for the troubled teens emotional and physical well-being.

Goals are set for the troubled teens when they attend therapeutic boarding schools; these goals must be accomplished before they can return home, and in the allotted amount of time. The troubled teens are allowed to express themselves through therapy sessions, journaling, and art work. This helps the troubled teen to channel their emotions in a healthy way that allows them to process what they are experiencing. Helping others is an important part of recovery; the group therapy sessions allow the troubled teens to connect to others and to have a way to help others. Often times the answers to our own struggles come from the advice we give others who are hurt.

Perspective is an important part of troubled teen’s recovery. By realizing that not everything lasts forever, and seeing others problems, they can address the depth of their problem and realize that things will get better. Thinking back on hard times and how the troubled teen handled the situation as well as looking back at good times give hope that they can work through their struggles now. By attending a therapeutic boarding school, the troubled teens can be free from distractions such as the news, drama with friends, and anything else that takes their focus off recovery.

For more information on therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled teens to build resilience please contact Zion’s Educational System by calling 866-417-8579.

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