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Military Boarding Schools in the United States

Therapeutic Military Boarding Schools USA

By Frank Samuelson Military Boarding Schools are not designed to be a boarding school option for troubled teens.  Miltary boarding schools pride themselves as catering to the very best students in America, presenting stellar academics and substantial leadership training.  Military boarding schools do not want to be known as the place to deal with rebellious teens.  Military schools actually recruit the best, most disciplined, well mannered, and highly intelligent students.  Parents of troubled teens are mistaken to think that the military school environment will be the answer to turning their child around.  Plain and simple, Military schools don’t want trouble makers, and in fact, they expell the troubled teens when they act out. The Zion Educational Systems Blog presents valuable information about Military schools and their purpose.  We believe that some students are ideal candidates for the military school setting. These kids are highly motivated, highly structured, and excel in structured environments. Most rebellious teens need a structured environment but fail miserably whenever they are placed into an enviroment that forces compliance.  The very best element that a rebellious teen could interject into their life is discipline and structure. But troubled teens buck and schuck all attempts to discipline, and they find it to be a competitive sport in trying to get over on authority who are responsibile to enforce discipline. Our goal is to steer as many people as possible away from the military school option.  Not that Military schools are bad, and certainly not that Military boarding schools are bad, they just are not the ideal environment for troubled boys or troubled girls.  Again, Military admissions departments will be the first to tell you that they don’t enroll troubled teens.  They won’t enroll troubled teens.  Military schools are for the highly motivated students, the one’s with vision and desire the benefits associated with a military academy education.  If more information about boarding schools for troubled teens call our Zion Educational Systems at 866-417-8579. 

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