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The Wrong Role Models: How Titus Young Is Teaching Your Teen the Wrong Values

It seems there is a constant trend in the NFL of players setting poor examples for teens. In what should be a league full of positive role models, we are constantly exposed to the negative behavior of professional athletes through media outlets. There is a cause for concern, as many young men look up to NFL athletes like Titus Young. The media has been exposing the youth of today to constant updates of the continued legal issues of wide receiver Titus Young. It is unfortunate that young men and women see professional athletes choose to put their careers in danger with drug use and criminal issues. What does this say about our society? How can having the wrong role model affect your teen?

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Wrong Values can lead to Serious Consequences

It is imperative to the success of our children that they adhere to the right kind of values, rather than taking the example of Titus Young. Teens need to look at this situation and learn why poor values can lead to such serious consequences. Parents must take the time to address situations, like those of Titus Young and use them as teaching tools. Many young people simply believe themselves to be the exception where the negative consequences of poor choices are concerned. It is easy for every young man or young woman to say that they will not get caught, or they will not turn out like them. But the reality is that those with poor values that are making poor choices are likely to suffer the same fate as those who came before.

Parents Must Take a Stand and Be a Positive Role Model

Taking a stand now against bad values could ensure that your child avoids the fate of Titus Young, a promising athlete with everything in front of him whose choices led to him becoming an accused criminal that now faces serious legal consequences and is no longer on an NFL roster.

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