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Michael Phelps, Shawn Kemp, Ricky Williams: Athletes, Drugs, and Impressionable Teens

Everyday it seems like once positive role models in sports have their drug habits exposed through the media. Why is it that premier athletes like Michael Phelps, Shawn Kemp, and Ricky Williams put their careers on the line for drugs? Our children look up to these supposed supermen that get to participate in sports for a living, only to realise that they make serious mistakes. There are impressionable teens everywhere that look up to these athletes, wishing they could do what they do. What kind of effect does seeing that these men use drugs have on our young men and women? Parents need to take the time to talk with their children regarding the dangers of drugs, Showing how for every athlete that has pushed through drug addiction to have a successful career, there are many others that destroyed their lives due to drug use could go along way towards helping teens.

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Drug Addiction Destroys Potential and Ruins Lives

Ricky Williams : Ricky Williams provides our youth with examples of how drug addiction can destroy lives. Throughout his NFL career Ricky Williams was plagued with failed drug tests that continued to interfere with his play. Thanks to his addiction Ricky never lived up to his potential and was at one point suspended for an entire NFL season.

Michael Phelps: Is the most decorated Olympian of all time, yet his exposure as a recreational drug user has brought a negative light on his image. The former poster child for swimming athletes is now struggling to not be a negative role model. Young men and women everywhere are exposed to the fact that one of their role models has been illegally using drugs.

Shawn Kemp: Is a former NBA star of the Seattle Supersonics whose name is synonymous with drug addiction and failure. The talented Shawn Kemp struggled with addiction throughout his career and never reached the potential everyone believed he had.

What Can Teens Learn from These Disgraced Athletes?

Drug addiction in many cases destroys lives and even in the lives of those that find some success substance abuse destroys talent, and tarnishes an athlete’s image, and leads to serious health issues. But the bigger effect is often that a childhood hero has potentially led an impressionable youth down the wrong path. It is up to parents to ensure their children hear these cautionary tales of wasted talent and learn how to find positive role models

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