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Sportsmanship: Should Teens Model Their Goals on Athletic Achievement?

Sportsmanship is a key part of athletics and is one of the many reasons that teen participation in sports should be encouraged. Sportsmanship is a code of conduct among athletes that will help teach your child how to treat others. Whether you have a son, daughter, or both, parents need to understand that sports are beneficial to their child. Should teens model their goals on athletic achievement? Absolutely, participating in sports requires your child to adhere to specific rules and qualifications, which determine their eligibility. This provides the youth of today with a valuable baseline where behavior and academic achievement is concerned. This is important simply because those adolescents with objectives that correlate to achievement major high school sports are taught valuable life lessons.

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Why Goals are Important to Success?

Far too often teens look at where they would like to be and become discouraged by the amount of work that needs to be put in. Through sports, young men and women learn that their success is tied to their goals or objectives. They also learn that achievement of major goals is determined by breaking them down into manageable minor ones. Learning how to set objectives goes leads to success and often is the difference between failing. Athletics provide teens with the perfect catalyst to begin learning the process working towards major achievements. Football is a great example of how to strategize and plan when working toward a specific outcome. In football, like life, the best way to look at game is to utilize both big picture planning and smaller, more easily achievale goals. In order to win the team needs to score, which is determined by each drive, first down, and play. Life is the same way, looking at your goal as a whole can be daunting, but breaking it up into smaller sections leads you to success

Sportsmanship is Important to Teens and Their Success

Plans that correlate with athletic success will teach your son or daughter valuable life lessons. Athletic achievement provides each teen with pride and the lessons they learned on their path to success will stay with them forever.

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