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Are There Any Lessons About Drug Use and Troubled Teens in the Sad Fate of Cory Monteith?

With the recent news about the sad fate of Cory Monteith, there are plenty of lessons to be learned by troubled teens about drug use.  Sometimes what teens need is to see someone they know or at least someone they can relate to in a position where drugs have affected them to understand just how devestating they are.  If you are worried that your teen is abusing drugs, there certainly are lessons they can learn from Cory Monteith, but they will very likely also need professional treatment.

Drug use is an issue that should not be ignored, it is never too soon to get your son or daughter professional help.  Wingate Wilderness Therapy has helped many teen drug-users in the past, and they can help your child, so call them today at 1-800-560-1599.

What Teens Need to Know About Drug Use

It was recently revealed that an overdose on the combination of heroin and alcohol is what caused the untimely death of Cory Monteith, and his drug use can teach many lessons to troubled teens.  Firstly, it should show them how dangerous the consequences of drug use truly can be.  Of course this an extreme case, but troubled teens should be able to recognize that with drug use, the possibility of overdose is always there.  They should start to consider whether the brief thrill they get from using drugs is worth risking their own death.  Secondly, it shows them that drug addiction can happen to anyone.  It is very common for teens to believe they are immune to addiction, and that casual drug use won’t do anything harmful.  However, because Cory Monteith is such a public figure and he met such a sad fate because of it, young people can learn that the consequences can happen to anyone.

How Wingate Wilderness Therapy Helps 

Even when teens are shown the consequences of drug use, that is often still not enough for them to turn their lives around.  Wingate Wilderness Therapy can assist them in overcoming this issue.  By living in the wilderness, teens are completely removed from bad influences of whatever else was causing their drug use.  They are able to relax and focus on their recovery.  Wilderness Therapy is one of the most unique and effective ways to treat teen drug use, so if you are interested, please call Wingate Wilderness Therapy today at 1-800-560-1599.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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