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Can Participating in Extracurricular Activities Lower Crime Among Teens?

Parents often speak with teens regarding their glory days in school, when they played sports and participated in other extracurricular activities. More often than not, parents refer to how these activities kept them out of trouble and provided them positive teachings. Teens frequently do not pay much attention to these sorts of stories; however studies have shown that participation in extracurricular activities lower the crime rates among teens. While participating in these activities teens are held to a standard, which has a direct effect on their right to be part of them.

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How do Extracurricular Activities Influence Lower Crime Rates among Teens

Teens that participate in extracurricular activities like athletics are held to a higher standard in order to participate, which promotes pro-social behavior. These teens are required to keep their grades above a certain level. Also teens participating in sports or other extracurricular activities are held to a code of conduct which directly affects their eligibility. Teens participating in extracurricular activities are a part of something and the feelings that follow may serve as a deterrent from crime. The type of belonging or feelings of pride that go along with activities like sports and other activities keep many teens from participating in crime. Schools that offer extracurricular activities have a lower crime rate than areas that do not. Teens that spend their free time either at school or as a part of these activities have less time for mischief.

Parents Need to Encourage Extracurricular Participation in Their Teen

Parents of teens that are exhibiting out of control behaviors should encourage participation in sports or other extracurricular activities. Although this is a simple course of action it can be extremely effective for teens that choose to participate. The lessons that teens learn about responsibility and the pride they gain from accomplishing the unique challenges provided by sports can be priceless.

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