Alcohol Abuse and Teenage Boys and Girls

Substance Abuse Treatment for Troubled Teens

Teenage boys and girls involved in underage drinking is not useful and can cause severe damage in all aspects of life.

Risks of Alcohol Abuse in Teenage Boys and Girls

Accidents: dependent on alcohol in their later years. Possibly causing more accidents and potential motivation, laziness, and dependency.

Promiscuity: Teens under the influence are more likely to participate in sexual activities causing unexpected pregnancies, STD’s, etc. Also, it is important to communicate to your child the possibility of becoming a victim. This may include seduction, rape, voyeurism, and aggravated assault. Studies show that nearly 75% of teen pregnancies are conceived under the influence. Nearly 15% of those pregnancies occurred during an attack.

How to Keep Your Teenagers Alcohol Free

Like most task when confronting your child, it is easier said than done. Some teens will quickly respond to this information and change their behavior immediately or at least moderate it. Most, however, will not understand the consequences and may need professional help to overcome the

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Behavior Modification Programs For Teens

When adolescent boys and girls are at-risk with substance abuse, or behavioral issues, behavior modification programs, as well as cognitive therapy, can result in the positive changes he or she needs for a long lasting transformation.