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Why Can’t My Son Be More Like Me?

At some point during the process of raising their children, almost all parents will go through difficult times and ask the question why can’t my son be more like me? While it can be natural for a person to have these feelings, it is important to remember that embracing individuality in your children is incredibly important. When parents become set on making their boy or girl more similar to them, it often is simply an egotistical exercise. By overcoming these impulses, you will be able to form a closer relationship while giving him the freedom to make his own choices. 

Learning To Accept Your Son For Who He Is

Unfortunately for many families, it is often difficult for many individuals to let go of the notion that their progeny should be very similar to them. This is an interesting issue to examine, as it lies behind many of the common conflicts that are seen in families. For example, parents will often become incredibly upset if they discover that their child is homosexual.

From the outside, this doesn’t seem like an issue that should be so divisive. However, because view their own sexuality as the benchmark against which everyone else’s is measured, they may view this as abnormal and unacceptable. Another common example is families fighting over religion. People will view their own beliefs as the standard and be upset if their progeny departs from what they consider the norm.

In extreme cases, those who are unable to accept differences in their dependents will be driven to disown them. It is important to remember that all of this essentially just stems from the difficulty we all have in not imposing our own standards on others. It can be hard to accept that what seems right to you is not a universal truth.

This makes it essential for everyone to approach their children with an open mind, fully prepared to accept that they may not have the same beliefs or world views. Parenting in this way will provide your child with the foundation he needs to embrace his individuality and become the person he was meant to be.

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