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The physical and mental changes in Your Teens

17th June 2006, the physical and mental changes can create doubts and misunderstandings and can change the ideals, the answer to every young person at this stage of life in their own way, according to his personality and their past experiences. Youth is a very difficult phase of life, which occurs in many transformations in the soul and the body of a boy or girl. Meanwhile, the social function is to allow the child to acquire a new role in adult life.  The transition from childhood to adulthood is difficult for young people, too. So many changes in these short years that it is not surprising that they feel at times, confused, anxious and less confident. Physically, their bodies grow and change in a way that they can feel uncomfortable and conscious. Emotionally, may in great moods when they discover the range of human emotions. From intense feelings of love and infatuation to anger and hatred, teenage emotional life can be like a roller coaster.  Physically, teenagers become fully developed and can be intense sexual desire that can be alarming, they can, especially if they have no one to talk about what’s going experience. Intellectually, the young and the large profits, the ability to analyze things and develop their own opinions and viewpoints. You can begin to see shortages within the world of his parents’ (and often are very eloquent, these observations surprised) and their role and significance in life. Adolescents are under pressure, some of which are longer than in previous years, and need the support their parents, more than ever  There are so many pressures on young people to be involved in alcohol and drugs and sexually active too young age. With their growing independence, you may also fear for their safety, worrying that they might be attacked, or placed in very precarious situations.  . An interesting fact in studies found that young people are more concerned about driving under the influence of alcohol than their parents. And the facts also show that the number one preventive measure is to young to talk. The practice of simple problems, like drinking, drug use and other high-risk behaviors has a significant influence on young. Start with young boys. It turns out that some young people experiment with alcohol, when you get to half of the school. Some children aged 8 or 9 with the report tried alcohol. can talk with parents, alcohol with their children in an informative and guidelines for behavior and expectations of a significant impact on the tendency to experiment with their child.  Educate children about the risks and consequences of drinking. This must not become a shouting match. Give the child that is materially the sad boys who used to teach and / or alcohol abuse. Let them know that you have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal use of alcohol. Be sure not to give mixed messages with irresponsible alcohol itself.  At some point you feel that your teen is, you lie. You can find the child lying, because behavior was wrong and knew that it would take. This means that you must let them know in very clear terms what behaviors are unacceptable and what the consequences, not only lying to repetition of such conduct, but also why.  Teaching respect for racial diversity  learning in a changing world, to live with and respect for other cultures and backgrounds, an important lesson to learn for children. But you know how to start these lessons? You brought the subject with your children, and if so, when? Or let their children come to you with questions? Many parents believe that we must be careful not to stress the differences that our children need not recognize, but also answers thoughtfully prepared for the day will be curious about cultural differences.  It ‘important for parents and other professionals to work together with the child to solve the problem.  It ‘important to never give our educational role of parents, but equally important is to understand the motivation of teenagers advice (or prohibitions), we give them to understand the feeling and care.  

If you are having trouble managing your kids and need help registering to this site. It can be very helpful. 

 https://www. troubledteens4jesus. com https://www. troubledteenministries. com  Zion Educational Systems It is a school for vulnerable young people who have a great scientific potential and good heart, but are currently off track, lost and wandering in the desert (selfish, ungrateful and lazy). . . require immediate infusion of God’s precious Spirit and a restored relationship with Jesus Christ (selfless, thankful, and motivated to excel). You have a number of programs for your difficult teenager. 

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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