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Troubled Teen Help – Restoring Teens and Families | Red Rock Canyon School

Getting Help for troubled teens is our business. Its all about spiritual help for the struggling and rebellious teen. Without spiritual and/or emotional growth no troubled teen will come out of the rut (darkness) and will continue to make poor personal choices. our calling is to serve the parents of troubled teens in powerful and unique ways, assisting them in the full restoration of their family, to the Glory of God. We reach the heart of the troubled teenager. This is an article sponsored by Red Rock Canyon School.

Red Rock Canyon School is a program that provides experiential therapy for troubled teens on an individual basis. We provide an opportunity for troubled teens to gain life experience by working a ranch. Through teamwork, troubled teens are able to build character and take away skills from our program that will stick with them for the entirety of their adults lives. School problems are also dealt with here. Troubled teens gain therapy and life experience through working with horses, hiking, fishing, and development of vocational skills through automotive repair.

Our goal is to restore hope, return faith, and guide the troubled teen (both boys and girls) back to their first love, Jesus Christ. Without the fullness of the Holy Spirit, there is no hope. Our focus is to bring forth the richness of the Holy Spirit as He fills the teen with the love of God as poured out in Jesus.

Christian families dealing with the bad decsions that there troubled teen has done, come face-to-face with their depth of spiritual maturity. Having a troubled teen is the test of your faith, we are to be “overcomers” of the fear for our troubled teen. Since believers realize that God is sovereign, we also must realize that despite the behaviors of the troubled teen God is still in control of there lives. He must be allowing this trial because He wants us to look to Jesus for the help that we need. He must be allowing this test so that we can effectually learn to rely on Jesus. Sometimes, the answer is to let go of the troubled teen and place him/her into a Christian boarding school so that they can be restored back to jesus. This is never an easy decision for a parent to make, who truly loves their troubled teen. However, if God is in control, and He leads by His Holy Spirit, we will be tested and we will go through the trial. Keep you eyes on Jesus because He is the only answer.

Looking unto Jesus…the Author and Finisher of our faith!

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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