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Troubled Girls Raising Hell: How Stereotypes Can Blind Us From Seeing Issues in Struggling Teen Girls

struggling teen girl

We have all said something like, “Cheerleaders are all stuck up,” or “She dresses like a Goth, so she must be angry.” Each time we make a comment based on a stereotype, we do a disservice to ourselves and the other person. All cheerleaders are not stuck up. Some girls (and guys) who are cheerleaders ARE stuck up. Maybe some cheerleaders are so full of anxiety that they come off as aloof or uncaring, when really they are just scare to interact with others. Likewise when we see a young girl dressed in black, who is causing problems for a teacher, most people will not see the underlying reason for her behavior and will think she is just a trouble maker.

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Help for Parents with At-risk Daughters

The stereotypical trouble maker usually comes from a privileged background or a less fortunate family. Their hair color is almost always black, brown, blonde or red, and they typically wear pants, shorts or dresses. OK, you realize I am claiming everyone or anyone can be considered a stereotypical trouble maker if their actions are “making trouble” for someone. So whatever your perception of a trouble maker is, chances are great that most of the people who fit your version are NOT actually troublemakers. Therein lays the disservice to us both.

We cannot know what is going through the mind of someone who is acting out. We do not know the family circumstances and we certainly can’t understand the fears and anger many people live with everyday. Let’s cut them some slack and stop with the stereotyping of bad behaviors. Instead, why don’t we look for the good in everyone? Nobody is perfect, and we all have challenges. If a child is acting out and you are the parent, then find out why. If you can’t, get some help. Programs like Falcon Ridge Ranch (866-452-8775) do an amazing job of helping struggling girls find better behavior choices. But doing nothing will help nothing, so act now.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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