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Top Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Top U.S. Boarding Schools are located in Utah

By Frank Samuelson The Top Boarding Schools in the US and Mexico are designed to provide an exceptional academic experience slanted toward preparing students for college.  The Top Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens provide an exceptional academic experience along with a therapeutic intervention.  The therapeutic intervention usually revolves around drug and alcohol abuse, ADD/ADHD, Depression, or Bipolar Disorder.  Essentially, the best therapeutic boarding schools in the country provide an education along with a therapeutic experience geared toward emotional growth and emotional stablization. The goal is to educate students who are struggling with issues of life, drugs, and general rebellion. The top boarding schools for troubled teens, such as Cedar Ridge Academy (in Utah), are found throughout the Utah.  There are several theories as to why the State of Utah has become a mecca for boarding schools. I believe that the reason the State of Utah is a “parents rights” State, and one of the last remaining States where parents still have parental rights.  The Utah State Legislature has determined that parents have certain defined rights that the State will not supercede them.  Therefore, boarding schools for troubled teens have migrated to Utah because of the protection the parents have, mainly to determine how their child is raised.  In Utah boarding schools for troubled teens are able to actually serve the best interest of the child.  In “Child Rights” States, the child makes most of the decisions. The States that are “child rights” States, believe that troubled children are capable of making their own decisions without the interference of the parents. The child is able to determine what is in his/her best interest in spite of their parents wishes.  Child Protective Services in Child Right States support the child’s right to make their own decisions, and have determined that the parents should have limited rights. For example, in Child Rights States the parents can’t force the child to go to school, or to punish the child for not going to school.  Moreover, the parent can’t prevent the child from doing what they want regardless. 

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If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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