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Saved or Unsaved: How to Speak Frankly With Your Teen About the Importance of Spirituality

Many parents have already identified the role that they want spirituality to play in their lives, it can be difficult to see their teen develop their own ideas about this subject. It is natural for anyone to want their children to follow in their footsteps in terms of religious belief, but this is impossible to enforce. When a person is young they are generally naturally curious about the world around them and will be driven to ask questions and develop their own ideas about church and religion. This is a healthy process and an important part of developing as an individual. For these reasons, it is important for parents to offer encouragement and guidance whenever possible. By being open about these issues, you will be able to help your son or daughter make it through this process in the easiest way possible while keeping your family relationships strong.

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Answering Life’s Most Difficult Questions

Some of the most difficult parts of life revolve around coming to terms with one’s own spirituality. This is a quintessential aspect of the human experience, yet plays a different role in everyone’s life. This can make it intimidating to offer advice or guidance on the issue, as every person must come to their own conclusions. However, it is important to remember that most individuals only find answers they are satisfied with later in life. If a child is struggling with these issues, having a clearer path to follow can be helpful. In practice, this often means that a child will initially follow their parents religions and beliefs. The important thing to remember is to support your progeny during this time they spend seeking answers. You can bring up your own beliefs as an option, but forcing these on to your son or daughter will only lead to conflict. By supporting your teen and encouraging them on their spiritual journey, you will be able to bring your family closer while helping them through this confusing time.

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