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Molly, EDM, Rap Music and Teenagers: Old Attitudes, New Drugs

What Should I Do With My Troubled Teen

The use of the drug known as Molly is rising among teens in this day and age. Many parents out their do not know what the name Molly is referring to, or the dangers it poses and this needs to change. Molly is a moniker used to refer to a drug supposedly composed of pure MDMA, the ingredient typically combined with other substances to create ecstasy pills. Now while Molly is not exactly a new drug, it is implied to be a safer and more pure form of ecstasy. This rebranding of the drug has allowed it to successfully infiltrate lives of many teens, as they wish to safely feel the euphoria commonly attributed to ecstasy pills. Molly has been glamourized in pop culture through various musicians, which only makes it more dangerous.

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The Use of Molly and its Relationship to Music, EDM and Rap

Molly is a commonly used drug, much like Ecstasy, the euphoric feelings brought about by its use makes it a drug of choice for raves or EDM (electronic dance music) concerts. Raves are portrayed as fun and many teens believe it is a something they need to experience. The rising popularity of EDM in today’s culture raises the chances of teens using MDMA related drugs. Parents will also find that Molly is often glamourized by various other musical genres, like rap where the se of the drug is related to success and fun. It may seem that all of this is new, however much like the rise of ecstasy use in past years the rise of molly is simply the same story, but a different chapter so to speak.

The similarities to past drug crazes do not end with the rise in popularity or use. Parents need to keep in mind that with the rise in demand, as with past drugs, what is available will become less pure. Now the reason this is dangerous is that in order to meet the demand the suppliers of the drug are more likely to mix it with other substances, as was done with past drugs and Molly is no different. Drugs like Ecstasy are known to have been combined with various dangerous substances like caffeine, speed, ephedrine, and ketamine. Here in lies the greatest danger, the use of the drug itself is dangerous, however if a teens are in danger of partaking of synthetic copies designed to mimic the drug , or even an unknown substance labeled as Molly just to get the sale.

Parents Need to Speak with Their Teens Regarding The Consequences of Drug Use

Many teens are fooled by the Hip and safe sounding Molly; however the danger of this drug is real. Parents need to inform their child of the dangers involved before there are serious consequences.

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