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Learning Disabilities | Falcon Ridge Ranch

Learning disabilities can affect how children listen, think, store, retrieve, write, read and communicate information or perform in school. Falcon Ridge Ranch presents parents with pertinent information that can help with their teen’s struggle with school.

Learning disabilities affect children by interfering in the way the process things in school. It can be from any apsect of learning: visual, auditory, touch, balance that can affect several ways a child perform.

Children with learning disabilities can also have problems with the way that they output information. These output disabilities can affect the way they talk (language disability) or the way that they write or draw (motor disability).

Some children with learning disabilities have always had difficulties learning new things, while others do well in school at first, but then start to have issues in the fifth or sixth grade as school gets more difficult.

Children with learning disabilities may only have trouble with certain subjects, such as math or reading, and may do well in other classes. They will also have normal intelligence and may do well on standardized tests. Children with learning disabilities are often described as not performing up to their potential. There are tests that your school psychologist or pediatrician can do to look for certain learning disabilities so that a modified education plan can be developed.

There are other issues that may make learning difficult for children such as ADD/ADHD, ODD, Depression, Anxiety and numerous other mental disorders that can prove to be a stumbling block for adolescents.

There are available assessment tools that can help in determining the level of a child’s disability. The IQ test is one of the tools used by psychologist. There are various test that can determine the strengths and weaknesses of a child.

We encourage parents to seek help for their struggling child in order to give them the bright future that can help them succeed. for more information, parents can always contact the admissions counselors at Falcon Ridge Ranch for guidance and support. It is residential treatment center that serves troubled girls suffering with learning disability issues. They can be contacted at 1-866-452-8775.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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