Inhalants Are Dangerous To Teens

The danger of inhalants is that they can be easily found around the house and abused by your teens without difficulty.  It can be harder to catch them abusing substances such as inhalants because of the fact that inhalants that may be abused by your teen are actually everyday things. In fact the correction liquid that your teen uses to blot out mistakes of a ballpoint pen at school can be an inhalant. Aside from this, other possible inhalants which can be found just lying around the house are spray paint, paint thinner, oven cleaner, and polyurethane.

How Teens Use Inhalants

Snorting—the teen can simply inhale the vapors of the substance straight from the bottle.Bagging—the teen can dispense the substance inside a plastic bag and breathe in the vapors through the bag.Huffing—the teen could also take a piece of cloth and immerse it in the substance, then place it near their nose as they breathe in the vapor. It is sad to realize that an inhalant is actually a substance which is most commonly abused by teens from the ages of twelve to fifteen. This may be attributed to the fact that they are easily accessible to teenagers this young and are actually legal, even often inexpensive substances. Because of these facts, inhalants may be the stepping stone substance a teen may try before they may go on to nicotine,

What are the dangers of abusing inhalants?

Immediate death is a possible reaction due to a complete halt in the heart’s pulse.  Solvents can often set off fires and once a teenager is high on the inhalant they can easily die from drowning, a fall, or an automobile crash.  An inhalant actually stops the flow of oxygen to the parts of the body, even the brain. Deterioration of the organs of the body can be the result of inhalant abuse and ultimately result in death.  After inhalants, a teenager may easily go on to abuse other substances like alcohol or marijuana. 

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