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I See My Own Flaws In My Son

One of the hardest things for a parent to accept is when they see the their own flaws emerge in their children. When this takes place, parents will often blame themselves and be hesitant to address. It can be a difficult subject to broach without seeming hypocritical, making parents often willing to turn a blind eye. This is unfortunate, as a parents personal experience with the same issues could make it easier to offer the right kind of support and encouragement. In addition, if parents are reluctant to address these issues in themselves, they may be more likely to allow them to continue unchecked in their children. The only way for parents to really deal with this problem is to accept the flaws they have and work to help their son make better choices. Many parents have found this process liberating, allowing them to better understand their own problems and the reasons behind them while providing essential help and support. Beartooth Mt Ascent Is A Program For Young Men That Can Be Reached At 1-307-645-3381.

Finding Acceptance In Similar Flaws

Because it is often so difficult for a person to acknowledge their own flaws, you may find it difficult to have an open discussion with your son about having faced similar problems. Ultimately, parents must remember that it is only the ego that gets in the way of admitting personal flaws and by discussing these flaws significant progress is possible with their children. It is essential to remember that everyone has their own problems they must overcome and there is no shame in this process. In fact, you should take pride in the fact that you are willing to address the problems you had experienced in a frank manner for the benefit of your child. With your help, your son will likely be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that had troubled you. If you see some of your own flaws in your son, please look at it as an opportunity to achieve personal growth while providing the support and encouragement he needs.

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