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At Troubled Teen Search we search the US to find help for the parents of troubled teens.  Our job is to help the parents of troubled teens by making it easier for them to read, publish, or post the best information about how to help parents of troubled boys and troubled girls. This category of the ZES Blog is dedicated to help parents of troubled teenagers by discussing topics related to troubled teens schools, boarding schools, military boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, boot camps, and wilderness therapy camps/program.  We provide lists of boarding schools and military boarding schools, reviews on Christ-centered schools and programs, and blog discussions about the wilderness therapy camps and programs, as well as many other various programs and services for troubled boys wilderness therapy camps, boot camps, youth programs, etc). and troubled girls.  There are many options for the parents of troubled teenagers, but most parents have no idea of what is available.  Our blog is designed for parents of troubled teenagers to help other parents by providing powerful opportunities to share and discuss the important elements of choosing a school for rebellious youth.  Parents seeking assistance and help are often confused, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by the situation at home – so who would be better to serve these parents but parents who have gone before them, paving the way.  Parents in crisis need help in finding the right solution (therapeutic boarding school, substance abuse treatment centers for adolescents.  

Troubled Teen Search Blog is dedicated to serving families of troubled boys and troubled girls

Troubled Teen Search presents a premier Christian boarding school for troubled boys and girls.  We specialize in strong academic programming (college prep), family restoration, leadership development, athletics, horseman ship, and community service/outreach projects.  TTS serves struggling adolescents who are intelligent, gifted, and powerful, yet they are entitled, unmotivated, lazy, rebellious, always looking to have fun, hangs out with the wrong crowd, rejecting their Christian faith, sneaking out, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, sexually active, and refuses to submit to parental authority.  More importantly, is the favorite of parents who want their troubled youth’s heart to change, to grow up, be mature, make good personal decisions, get back on track toward college, and to have fun living the life of a healthy teenager. Please enjoy the articles that we have compiled for your advantage. We only hope that you leave our site more knowledgable, filled with hope, and confident about your next step.  For more information about ZES please call 866-417-8579. Articles: Effects of Bullying on Adolescents | Novo RanchDefiant Teenage BoysChild and Adolescent Mental Anxiety DisordersAdolescent DepressionParenting Tips for Dealing with Academic Issues | Cedar Ridge AcademyTypes of Depression & Causes | Falcon Ridge RanchTroubled Girls Dealing with Divorce | Falcon Ridge RanchLearning Disabilities | Falcon Ridge RanchTips for parents of troubled teens | Falcon Ridge RanchTherapeutic Treatment for Troubled Girls | Falcon Ridge RanchTaking Tests | Cedar Ridge AcademyA New Meaning for A.S.A.P. | Cedar Ridge AcademyYoung students help teachers | Sunset Bay AcademyActivities for troubled teens by Alia ButlerObedience is only for the strong!Christian Boarding Schools – Does Yours Have a Purpose?Educational Consultants helping parents of troubled boys & girls | Red Rock Canyon SchoolLegislating Freedom?Teen Aggression Vs. PopularitySupporting Your Adolescent: Tips for ParentsTips on Teaching Your Teen How to Deal with StressAt What Score Does it Go Beyond Victory to be Poor Sportsmanship?Psychiatrists Focus on Teen ViolenceUnderstanding Violent Behavior in Children and AdolescentsT.A.C.T. (Teens and Conflict Together)Is your troubled teen out partying too much?Mt Caramel Complaints from Former Parents regarding Staff, Schedule, Communication, and TuitionContinuing Education FundSometimes I feel like…. | Selfish and Self-absorbed BehaviorZion Educational Systems | Emotional IntelligenceZion Educational Systems | Parent Coaching | Parents Reviews of ZESTrouble Teen HelpA Definition of Democracy for TeensA Families True Story Through RecoveryOver Weight or Under Weight, Teen Eating DisordersGangs in Schools | Mount Pleasant Academy10 Lessons I Learned Parenting a Troubled TeenThe Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up YetWith Drinking, Parent Rules Do Affect Teens’ ChoicesBeing Mediocre versus ExtraordinaryFollowing the Rules in GeneralBulemia in TeensHelping Teens Handle StressTeen PregnancyWhat is Your Teen Hiding?How to Know If Your Teen is Being IsolatedIntegrity House RTC Leadership Program!Parents of Troubled Girls seeking Boarding Schools Options | Falcon Ridge RanchTroubled Teen Programs | Integrity House RTC GirlsIs Your Teen Telling You The Truth?Why Do They Leave Us So Young?Why Do Parents Embarrass Their Teen?Teen ParentsParenting Troubled Teens: Self-ControlThere is Hope For our TeensA Cigarette a Day Can Get A Kid HookedTroubled teens stay clean at safe-haven schoolsThe Complete Solution of Troubled Teens

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Girls’ Issues with Adoption

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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Behavior Modification Programs For Teens

When adolescent boys and girls are at-risk with substance abuse, or behavioral issues, behavior modification programs, as well as cognitive therapy, can result in the positive changes he or she needs for a long lasting transformation.