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Girls’ Issues with Adoption

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Adoption is an act of love, but adoption and girls’ issues can bring up sensitive areas of discussion. Families who adopt know that adoption allows an extraordinary chance at bringing more love into the home. Many families struggle with knowing how to approach the subject of a child’s adoption. For some families, children may be happy to learn about the lengths that their parents went to bring them into their lives. But for many other families, there will be residual issues surrounding the adoption which require special attention and many reassurances. Many children struggle with confidence in their sense of belonging upon finding out about their adoption. Adoption and girls’ issues are likely to be related to finding a sense of belonging in the home. Because most parents certainly do not hold back in the love they offer their children, it may simply require a reassertion that families belong together no matter how they came to be a family. Trying to explain the differences between biological children and adopted children is simply a matter of asserting that your daughter belongs in your family because you need her, because you love her and that you would do anything to protect her. Re-Creation Retreat (1-800-492-8778) is a residential treatment center for troubled girls with experience in helping families deal with adoption and girls’ issues.

Girls may have a natural curiosity about who their biological parents are, and it’s important for adoptive parents to accept that these questions are natural. Depending on the situation, you your daughter may even be able and allowed to contact her birth parents. But it is recommended that this step only be taken when all parties are comfortable and when matters are mostly settled. Providing a warm family environment will do most of the work when it comes to accommodating adoption and girls’ issues. Our children should know that a family is defined by love.

Special Attention

Some lingering issues may require special attention when it comes to adoption and girls’ issues. Sometimes an adopted girl with questions about why she would have been given up for adoption, or doubts that her family could possibly love her as much as if she were there biological child. These girls must be taught to allow themselves to be loved. Re-Creation Retreat is a place for girls who need help sorting through some of the confusing details that life asks us to sort through. At Re-Creation Retreat, girls are taught values through a combination of traditional therapyequine therapy and group activities that encourage positive growth. Internalizing positive values grants girls the self-confidence and allows them to develop the self-worth they need to see themselves as lovable, cherished members of their family. To talk about adoption and girls’ issues or treatment options available at Re-Creation Retreat, please call 1-800-492-8778.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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