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Consequences Of Drug Use

Upper Darby High School students, participating in the county’s first Reality Tour, learned the consequences of experimenting with drugs.  The dramatic scenes began with a casual conversation and invitation to a teen party where booze and drugs would be free-flowing, and the subsequent arrest and prosecution of a drug dealer and another juvenile.  It culminated with the death of a 17-year-old from a drug overdose.

Drug Abuse Kills

“What you saw was as close as you’ll ever get to seeing a drug overdose without getting involved,” Delaware County Memorial Hospital Paramedic Joseph Perezi said. “This is what police and doctors see and do every day.”  Holcomb Behavioral Systems and the township’s Weed and Seed program  offered the program to parents and children in grades five through 12 and received positive reactions and a recommendation that it be mandatory for all students.  “I heard about this through the school,” said Yolanda Cucinotta, the mother of a 12-year-old Drexel Hill Middle School student. “I’m all about education. This program should be mandated for all grades. My daughter thought parts of it were a little scary, especially the emergency-room scene. She was eyes on. The school always takes the kids on bus trips, and they should take them to this. I’m really glad we were there.”

These Programs Help

“I really liked the program,” Melanie Hudson, the parent of an 11-year-old, said. “It was so real, but sad. My eyes watered when the boy was pronounced dead. I felt for the victim and the family, not even knowing them. Everything they did solidified what I’ve been telling my daughter Veronica about drugs.”  Her daughter was saddened watching the emergency-room scene.  “I already know a lot about drugs, and I would say no if asked,” Veronica Hudson said. “It would mean I would throw away all my goals.”  Mayor Thomas Micozzie explained the condensed court hearings presented usually take about three months.  Micozzie recommended District Attorney G. Michael Green adopt the program for first-time drug offenders.

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