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Can I Learn Anything About My Teenager From The Music He Listens To?

5 Questions to Help You Decide if Your Troubled Teen Daughter Needs Residential Treatment

The simple answer to this question is, “Yes, you can!” The better question might be to ask, “Are there dangers to allowing my teen to listen to whatever he or she wants?” Here the answer isn’t quite as simple because it’s “Yes, and No!” Clearly there are music groups with agendas behind their songs that can be quite disturbing and perhaps even influential in shaping some aspects of your child’s behavior. That kind of music is pretty hard core, and if your child seems infatuated with it, a trip to an adolescent therapist could be in order depending upon what else is going on in your teen’s life.

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Help for Parents With Troubled Children

By and large the music kids listen to today is harmless. Of course there are lyrics that include profanity and degrade women, and some suggest the use of drugs and alcohol or portray free sex as the norm. But so does nearly every TV program and movie that teenagers watch every day. If you forbid a child access to these kind of songs, then the first thing they are going to do outside of the home is listen to these songs. For teens, the “taboo list becomes the to-do list.” The more negative attention you give something, the more attractive it becomes. So use reason and caution when taking the opportunity to teach about morals and integrity.

There is one area of concern that many psychologists are find concerning regarding teenagers who listen to music ALL the time. Many kids are depressed and find music to be soothing, plus it lets them disengage from family life. If your child seems to spend too much time with their headphones on, take this as a sign that maybe he or she is dealing with difficult issues in life. Take time to talk one on one with your child and let them know you care about their concerns. Listen with empathy and love. When a child believes you are hearing them, healing can begin. Don’t worry so much about the kind of music, but rather why they are listening to it in the first place.

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