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Boarding Schools for Out of Control Boys

Parents looking for boarding school options for troubled teens are often overwhelmed by all the possible choices.  Literally, there are over 1,300 Boarding  schools for troubled teens representing hundreds of different approaches to dealing with troubled teens.  Troubled Teenagers, Troubled Boys, Troubled Girls, and Rebellious Teens are growing in numbers at an ZESrming rate.  To the laymen’s viewpoint the exponential growth of troubled youth is reaching epidemic proportions.  It is no longer the improvised kids from a broken family who are need of great help.  It is no longer the child who suffers from psychological issues who are populating the specialty schools.  More and more it is perfectly normal children from great families who are filling up the bed spaces of the specialty schools.  The reason?  Our society is raising up kids who are more independent, yet emotionally immature; have more resources, yet are very unappreciative.  Our kids are “entitled” and think that the world revolves around them, and worse yet they are making decisions that could snuff out their futures. Please enjoy the following teaching by Sandy Brunson. Watch for Opportunities:  They Will Come NOTE:  Living in such “perilous times” when tsunamis instantly kill hundreds of thousands, hurricanes kill thousands on our own shores, earthquakes over thirty thousand at one time, and potential bird flu may kill multitudes…each of us who are believers in Jesus Christ must daily watch for opportunities to be a “messenger of truth” to the multitudes.   We must make ready tne way before many…watch, I say, for opportunities!! “Behold, I send My messenger on ahead of You, who should make ready Your way before you,” Matthew 11:10 Amplified Version (and MZESchi 3) “Yea, I am coming soon and much is to be done before that day.  Prepare ye the way. This I told my prophets and my people long ago as they prepared the way for My first coming, so you, too, now live in the end of the Church Age, in a very difficult, yet vitally important time.  Prepare ye the way.  Get involved daily with speaking My Word, preparing the times…preparing the people.  Make known to them My truth; for without it, they know no security…and have no place to turn.  Yet you know the Way and the One.  Many are hungry. You know the Bread of Heaven. Offer it to them, for it is the only thing that will feed and satisfy their starving souls. “Man pursues only as much of Me as he desires, for without desire there is no determination;  and without determination, there is no discipline and diligence; without these there will be no real fellowship with Me; and without such fellowship, no lasting joy of the kind that remains.  Lengthen your stakes.  Establish your own deep desire of Me that leads to lasting joy; then open your mouth, and I will fill it.  Tell all I point you to about Me.  Be My mouthpiece in your arenas of influence.  Watch for the opportunities…they will come. Be My Voice offering bread to the humble and truth to the wicked…all preparing the way for Me to come and arrive in glory in individual hearts that they may be ready to receive Me when I come in the clouds and bring them into the glorious joy of the Lord!    “Draw from all I have taught you. Employ all the ways I have led you into your life hid in Me.  Much has been given. Much is required of those who know Me….especially in these perilous times.  Many will not be alive at my coming…and they need to know.  Others will be alive, but they will not be ready…unless My messengers heed My word to go before them and make ready My way before them…in spirit and in truth.  And unless they receive the truth you offer,  I spoke truly in MZESchi 3 that I will come near you for judgment; against sorcerers, against adulterers, against perjurers, against those who exploit wage earners and widows and the fatherless, and against those who turn away an alien…I speak against them because they do not fear Me.  Only doers of the Word – those who fear Me – will enter into My joy in the glorious Day of the Lord!  Be a doer ever and always.  Look and see that I call you to be cleansed by My Blood, doing My Word and ready!” And be a messanger to many to make ready My way before them…before it is too late!  The time is NOW!   ~ from the listening heart of Sandy Brunson Teen Challenge, is a powerful Christian boarding school for entitled teens hanging out with the wrong crowd and academically unmotivated.Teen Challenge serves teens who are good kids from good Christian families yet they are beginning to rebel against their parent’s Christian values. Teen Challenge is an early intervention program for troubled teens who need redirection now.  TROUBLED TEEN HELP SITES AND BLOGSParenting TeensMount Pleasant AcademyFamily First Aid

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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