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Before Using Depression Medications

Medication has become so popular for treating depression, yet over 25 million Americans remain depressed. So could these anti-depressants really be effective? Perhaps not. In addition, considering the side effects and withdrawal symptoms that come as a result of these depression drugs, you’ll be surprised at just how detrimental they actually are.Let’s analyze the popular anti-depressant, Prozac. Many people take it for depression as well as premenstrual syndrome and panic attacks.For quite a while, the drug has been thought to have few side effects and many benefits. However, new studies are beginning to show that this isn’t true.In as much as this depression medication may adjust the levels of serotonin in the brain (the chemical linked to happiness), this drug has unpleasant mental and physical side effects.Next, we would take a closer look at the ‘rival’ to this drug, Zoloft. The most common side effects to this depression medication are dry mouth, upset stomach, decreased appetite, fatigue, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, tremor, feelings of agitation, indigestion, and increased perspiration.Naturally when depression victims do get informed of the dangers of these forms of depression medication, automatically, they take the steps to try to cease its use. Is this easy? No. Take Zoloft for example; withdrawal symptoms have included dizziness, extreme nausea and high fever and in some adverse cases, even suicide.From all the factors above, it will be safe to say no depression medication drug can truly help mental disorders. It will be best to seek natural treatment methods such as getting counseling, Yoga and a change in dietetic habits incorporating short fasts as the latter has been deemed a panacea for nearly all ailments known to man, including depression.All these points considered, friends do weigh your options carefully next time you need help in dealing with depression, either for you or loved one. There are safer choices present.In Friendship.Posted by help for depression

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