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Are Kids Lazier Today? Young Adults, Work Ethic and Drive

Growing up in a small town near a Native American reservation, I can remember my early prejudices against their culture, which was reinforced by the differences in my own culture. The Indians were very laid back, quiet in nature, and spent most of their time home with their families. Most white people thought they were lazy. As I have grown older, I came to appreciate their value system. They did not care for material things and there was nothing more important to them than their families. They did work hard, but not for money to buy big cars, houses, and boats. They loved their land, their animals, and their families. That was where their heart was and where they invested their time. When my generation looks at young adults today it’s hard not to classify them as lazy, having no drive, and lacking in work ethic. A recent study confirmed my thoughts that today’s teen are not lazy, but have a different value system. Most 20-30 year olds are looking for more than just a job. They seek something meaningful that is also socially and environmentally responsible. Their disaffection conceals a drive toward more caring, compassionate relationship and shows they are moving away from materialism.

Although teens may have a negative reputation for being lazy, it is important to understand their value system. Understanding them and what their life goals are can help make a difference in knowing how to support them. Call Zion Educational Systems’ Family Advocates at (866) 471-8579 to speak to a professional. We can help set your teen up for success.

I Understand You, Now Can You Understand Me?

You know you’re anxious to get to the part where you can help your child understand what you want and what they should do are the same thing. But it’s important that as you work with your son or daughter to dig deep into their goals that you accept their value system. It may be different than yours, but they also may surprise you with their amazing achievements if given the chance to step out of your shadow and into their own spotlight. At Zion Educational Systems’ Family Advocates have helped families understand each other work on a common value system. Call (866) 471-8579 for more information.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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