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Am I Crazy or Is My Teenage Son A Two-Faced Maniac?

ADHD behavior problems

Minutes after screaming at you irrationally, is your teen smiling and laughing with peers? This can become a very regular occurrence in any household with teens. While everyone has a public and private persona, for teens these often vary quite wildly. It can be disturbing for parents to see their child behave horribly at home while acting normal in public. What parents need to remember is that this behavior is common and should only become a serious concern if particularly extreme. For most teens, this is merely a phase that will pass once they learn to relate to their parents in a healthier way. However, if this behavior persists over long periods of time and involves very emotional displays, parents may need to consider the fact that their child is struggling with bipolar disorder or another mental health issue. These problems generally fail to resolve themselves and will require professional help for long-term improvement.

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A Teenage Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

One of the most difficult aspects of parenting a child going through this stage is weathering the frequent outbursts that occur in private. What many parents don’t understand is that their teen is merely testing the boundaries of their relationship. As teens mature, they must begin to relate to their parents on more equal footing. It is natural that at times during this process, teens will lash out at those around them. Furthermore, hormonal changes that are occurring can exacerbate the situation. Teens already going through a confusing time in their lives can find themselves acting out in highly emotional ways due to hormones even if they are trying to be agreeable. Regardless of the reasons behind your teen’s behavior and mood swings, it is important to remember that these issues can almost always be resolved. It is normal for teens to fight with parents and this doesn’t mean that you have done a poor job raising them or that they have some kind of serious problem.

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