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Help You Decide if Your Troubled Teen Daughter Needs Residential Treatment

We want all parents, staff, and students to review the merits of Zion Educational Systems, with on going reviews of our program, our premise, our purpose. The first thing that a new Mt Caramel parent is called to do is to purchase the Zion Educational SystemsLife Parent Coaching materials and books.  The next thing to do is to devour them, soak in them, and master the material.

The  Zion Educational Systems curriculum are the materials that the parents and students will be reading over the first several weeks and months. Parents and students are encouraged to take the DISC Assessment before the parents first session with the Parent Coach.  The DISC assessment  is  vital  to  the  ongoing  and  continuous  “family-restoration” process, therefore it is fundamental.  The ZES Parent Coach will explain the value of the DISC (assessing temperaments and strategizing for restoration) and how it pertains to human behavior and accountability.

The new  Zion Educational Systems student will be completing the same training components (i.e, DISC, EQ [Emotional Intelligence], Choice Theory) as the parents go through.  The student leaders, while participating in the ZES Leadership Program, get the same type of foundational ground work as their parents do. The student’s involvement in the DISC and EQ system is imperative to his/her success, especially as it pertains to family restoration. The student mentor, student leaders, and Program Directors will make sure that every student is knowledgable and competent with the ZES Leadership material, leading the student to re-connecting with his/her parents and other important authority figures.

The ZES Parent Coach will reach out and get into touch with each new parent.  The Program Director and Family Representatives will do the same with the new student.  Within the first week of your child’s enrollment  the ZES Parent Coach sends out the Parent Manual to the new parents.  The Program Director and the Family Representative and Student Mentor’s do the same for the newly enrolled student. By reading and studying this material while simulateously being coached by the experts, you and your child will begin to understand the vernaculars, systems, procedures, and protocols that we successfully use at Zion Educational Systems.

The more the parents and students know about the ZES program the better prepared each party will be to enter into some very powerful new dialouge and proactive communication with depth and foundational restorational components.  Building blocks to a better understanding and a deeper knowledge of how to convey feelings, be heard and understand, and to learn to listen effectively.

One of the most important elements of the program is to minister to the new  parents  in  their  first  few  weeks   after  enrollment  as  they  transition  from  “admissions”  to  “enrollment”.  Kathy N.  is  the  temporary  liaison   between  the  parents  and  school  as  she  “bridges  the  gap”.   

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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