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Why Bath Salts Are Here to Stay: What Parents Need to Know About Spice and Other Drugs

Drug abuse is a problem that will always be something that parents of teenagers deal with. At this point, most parents are at least somewhat aware of different sorts of drugs (heroin, meth, cocaine, marijuana) and what they can do to users. What most parents aren’t aware of are synthetic drugs, also known as bath salts, spice, K2, etc. These are drugs that are entirely chemical based that are intended to mimic the effects of other drugs. These types of research chemicals can be highly dangerous. If your troubled teens is dealing with drug abuse issues, programs like Lava Heights Academy can help. Please call us for more information today at 866.452.8772.

The Dangers of Bath Salts, Spice, and Other Synthetic Drugs

Becoming educated about these synthetic drugs can prevent a lot of problems in the future for teenagers. It’s all too common for troubled teens to experiment with drug use during adolescence, and parents should be aware of what is out there. Because there are so many new drugs being synthesized, it’s nearly impossible for regulators to keep up with these substances. Spice, for example, was originally marketed as a “legal high”, due to the fact that it closely mimicked the effects of marijuana on it’s users. Many of these “herbal blends” called Spice consisted of a chemical called JWH-018, a chemical that has been shown to cause respiratory depression, seizures, and dangerous effects on the cardiovascular system.

The worst part about synthetic drugs is that they are considered by many to be safe alternatives to other drugs, while most users (especially teenagers) don’t really know exactly what it is they are consuming. The long term effects can be deadly. As a parent, keeping track of what your student is doing and who they are associating with is a great way to keep them away from substances such as these.

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