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Ways to Express Disappointment in Troubled Teens

Expressing disappointment,
 rather than using excessive punishment, is quite possibly the most effective way of reacting to a troubled teen’s negative behavior. When parents use statements of disappointment where negative choices are concerned, they are saying to their troubled teen that he or she can do better. Punishment often brings out defiance in troubled teens, whereas expressions of disappointment cultivate empathy and promote pro-social behavior. Troubled teens are more likely to attempt changing their behavior in households where statements of disappointment are used. Parents need to learn the most effective ways to express disappointment, so that they can help their child stay on track. At The Crossroads is a proven therapeutic care option designed for struggling youth. For more information concerning the benefits of expressing disappointment consider calling At The Crossroads now for a free consultation, dial1-866-439-0354.

Expressing Disappointment to Troubled Teens

Parents of troubled teens will find that there are many effective ways of expressing disappointment to their child. Statements like “I never would have expected you to do something like that” shows troubled teens that you care and do not support the negative choice. This effectively shows that you will not stand for the behavior, while preventing the serious defiance that often follows punishment. Instilling pro-social thinking in a troubled teen helps them to make the right choices. Also, by expressing disappointment parents create precedent, which will be on your troubled teen’s mind the next time they think of making the same choice. This can be a powerful deterrent where troubled teens are concerned. Parents who find that their child still, despite all efforts is acting out or making poor choices should consider professional care options as a solution. Troubled teens can find the help they need through proven therapeutic interventions like At The Crossroads.

Parents of Troubled Teens Can Find Help for Their Child

At The Crossroads is a viable therapeutic care option for struggling youth. Parents that their child perpetuates the cycle of negativity, despite their best efforts should look into professional care. For more information please call the profssionals of At The Crossroads now, at 1-866-439-0354.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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