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Troubled Teens and overcoming the past issues that cause us harm

hurting people

What are past issues?  Well, if you really want to know don’t look to a new student of Zion Educational Systems for the answers.  New students come to ZES because they have no clue what their past issues are.  The new student knows all about his/her past issues, as they can recite them blow-by-blow.  However, to know “about” past issues is not the same thing as to “know” them.  Everyone knows President Obama, but do they really know him?  Only a handful of people can truly say that they actually know President Obama, and the rest of us only know about him.  This is true about “past issues”. If the new ZES student doesn’t know what his/her past issues are, meaning at the deepest level he/she has absolutely no clue what their past issues are, then it is no wonder that they are enrolled at ZES.  To not know (in-depth) your past issues is to be lost, confused, and destined to repeat the same old negative choices over and over again and never realize that you are harming yourself.  To not know (intimately) your past issues is to be trapped, paralyzed, and a victim of your own doing.  Victims blame, and don’t get better, nor do they have understanding, and they just become more victimized.                                                                             Therefore, to know what your past issues are is to know freedom.  To know what your past issues are, in depth and intimately, is to know liberty.  Therefore, I beg to ask the question, “Is it important to know that you don’t know your past issues?”  Yes it is!  However, most emotionally immature teens don’t care to know, because their retarded parents cause their problems anyway.  Meaning, it’s so much easier to play the victim and blame others. Consequently, they don’t even know that they don’t know, therefore they don’t seek, and therefore they are not set free! Most teens are stubborn and hate to admit that they don’t know about themselves.  Especially males!  They hate to look stupid, so they pretend to know what is going on, only to fail, and they look more foolish than had they been honest in the first place. Teens don’t naturally practice self-reflection, meaning they don’t look deep within themselves with the determination to find out why.  It is easier to blame others and to deflect responsibility.  Additionally, if they are in denial as to their own contribution toward their being enrolled into ZES then they don’t have to do any hard work.  It is, to the struggling teen, easier to blame and justify, than it is to do some deep introspective work.  It’s hard for anyone to take full responsibility for where we are in life, especially teens that are emotionally immature.  Emotional maturity would require the struggling teen to take responsibility and hold them selves accountable.  So, the emotionally immature student is stuck, will stay stuck, and will continue to get more of what they don’t want, and less of what they are looking for. Past Issues are the lies that we believe.  Past issues are not events, incidents, or any action that produces a negative outcome.  Past Issues are the lies we believe that create our negative events and incidents.  To overcome the negative outcomes created by our “past issues” (lies we believe) is to end the power of the lies that created the negative outcomes.  Therefore, our goal is to replace the lies with the truth, but first you must be open to the prospect that we have lies that we believe that have lead to our own detrimental outcomes.  For example, if a teen feels (is convinced) “unworthy” it is because he believes that he is unworthy.  If the feelings of unworthiness are lies, but he acts on them as if they were true, there will be nothing but negative outcomes.  Believing and acting out lies can cause havoc, destruction, loss and regret.  A person who believes he is unworthy doesn’t invest in himself, or respect himself, nor does he give himself good things of any kind.  Therefore, there is no future or positive destiny, and the fact that he doesn’t invest in himself only proves or reinforces that he is unworthy. Do you really know what your past issues are, or do you just know about them?  Is it important to know what your past issues are?  Is it important to know that you don’t know what your past issues are?  If past issues are the lies that you believe, and the lies you believe hurt you, isn’t it important to know what your past issues are?  Its time to figure these things out and to really know the lies that you believe.  What are they?  Can you list them?  Do you know them?  Let’s find out.                      

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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