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Utah Troubled Teens – Causes, Symptoms And Resources

Utah Troubled Teens: Troubled teens are everywhere but here we will cover the subject of troubled teens in Utah. Utah has always been known as a city that houses many people of the Mormon faith. As such, their children probably have strict rules to abide by just as in many other beliefs and denominations and for them, it is harder perhaps when their children go wrong. Whether or not the family are of a particular faith or not, kids can and do go wrong. Puberty is a time of complex emotions, large doses of hormones flooding the body and rapid growth resulting in feelings of tiredness and the need for more sleep. Until quite recently, we were unaware that the brain of a teen does not behave like that of an adult. Puberty is a time of enormous growth within the body. Teens are treated sometimes like children, other times like adults. This metamorphosis into adulthood is far from easy and fraught with difficulty. A new finding is that the human brain does not stop growing until the age of twenty-five years of age. The growth of the neo-cortex is only complete then. This area of the brain controls decision-making and young people can go wrong by simply making the wrong choices. Teens are also under enormous pressure by peers to adapt to certain lifestyles which may be in total conflict with their family lifestyle. Drug addiction for example, can arise in any type of family whether dysfunctional or not. Many a parent has wondered where they went wrong. The answer is that at a certain stage of adolescence, parental influences fall into the background and friends become paramount. Hormones change people, any people. When they are loaded in the great amounts they are in puberty, teens suffer. Their complexions become spotty, their gait awkward, their bodies grow so rapidly they feel that they are not in their own skin and emotionalism plus oversensitivity can result in deep depression and self-consciousness. It helps to keep a teen focused on sports and activities they enjoy. These keep their minds focused and help them to gain confidence. If you are the parent of a troubled teen in Utah, happily there are lots of helpful resources for you and your teen. Under a list of people working with troubled teens, there are special academies, boarding schools, co-ed schools, group homes, summer programmes, and centers for troubled boys, boot and wilderness camps, rehab centers, special boarding schools and preparatory schools, residential treatment centers, teen homes and educational consultants. These facilities offer assistance and support for bipolar conditions, attention deficit disorders, attention deficit hyperactive disorders, substance abuse, teen depression, and suicidal teens, teens that have problems with authority, learning difficulties, oppositional defiant disorder or need anger management. It is nothing short of amazing that Utah troubled teens are catered for with such wonderful support.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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