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Troubled Teens Boarding Schools and Wilderness Programs

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Most traditional teen boarding schools may not entertain troubled teens. Similarly, not all local schools are equipped to deal with complex issues of troubled adolescents. Troubled teen boarding schools are for teens with drug and alcohol use, or any type of behavior problems. These are educational alternatives for troubled teens and assist them to catch up academically and advance in their school  curriculum.

Teen boarding schools focus attention on teen’s emotional, behavioral, and academic problems in a safe environment. Such boarding schools are also aimed towards children who come across difficulties in a traditional school setting. They are very similar to traditional boarding schools, with a more structured setting and supervision, therapy or counseling. They initiate creative activities that emphasize positive behavior and personal responsibility. Teen boarding schools keep the children away from those who had influenced them with bad habits. They will not be able to come in contact with the teens when they are in these boarding schools.

These academically recognized boarding schools are specially equipped to deal with complex personal issues of the teens. Teen boarding schools put forward activities to keep the teens busy while teaching them how to live a better lives. The activities of teen boarding schools help the teens to build up self-esteem and to learn how their behavior and decisions impact their lives. Here a struggling teen can get individual attention with a large staff-student ratio. Moreover, teen boarding schools offer individualized education plans that recognize and suit a child’s strengths and learning style. Teens who attend these programs will make remarkable advances in their academic performances and attitudes in a relatively concentrated period of time. They may also be able to go back to their homes with a fresh, and a more constructive outlook on life.  

Wilderness programs featuring troubled teen camps are usually being chosen by parents who are looking for a quick fix. The most popular types of teen camps are considered to be the boot camps and summer or wilderness camps. Lasting from one to six weeks, wilderness programs are considered to often revert back to old behaviors after the fear of authority disappears, while teens may show signs of improvement for days or even weeks after coming home. 

Boot camps are known to be military-style facilities which include in their wilderness programs discipline, military exercises, rigorous physical training, and fear of authority. These factors are meant to transform a troubled teen into a “good soldier” following the rules. Another important aspect which has to be taken into consideration is being represented by the fact that most wilderness programs including boot camps are not addressing underlying emotional or behavioral problems. Also, it is important to be considered the fact that long-term effectiveness is limited without therapy or behavior modification.

The best chance for long-term is to follow it with a treatment program, in case parents choose to send their troubled teens to wilderness programs such as boot camps.  Making part of wilderness programs, wilderness camps are considered to be a quite good alternative to boot camps, because of the fact that instead of the aggressive approach which boot camps tend to use, wilderness programs focus on behavior modification programs with a component of the program held outdoors. Urban distractions are being removed in order to make it easier for troubled teens to reconnect and to accept responsibility for their choices.

Another important aspect is being represented by the fact that wilderness camps may not include academic component because they are generally held in summer. Also, they often provide with substance abuse treatment for troubled teens. 

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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