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Teen Alcohol Abuse

Fun is the big attraction lately when it comes to teen alcohol abuse. Drinking amongst teens is

 fueled by advertising designed to give the impression that having a drink is all about having a laugh. Despite the fact that heavy drinking has heavy consequences on the body, young people bounce back, encouraged by the pressure of the group. It is sometimes difficult for a teenager to say no to their friends and be able to go their own way but that can only have a chance of success if the teenager is confident that it is the right choice. Certainty does get respect and this can only be achieved with increased awareness and a strong sense of direction. Obviously not all teenagers have high self esteem and some may court respect by following the lead of others but this is where choosing the right friends and having the right opinion leaders is so important. Only by having some sense of where they are going and knowing who will help and who will hinder them on this road, can young people be more self-determined. Parents should be there to support them in finding this road and thereby avoid teen alcohol abuse.

Diminish Teen Alcohol Abuse

 Our very future lies with the younger generation and so we should be interested in doing what we can to help them do well. The pessamists out there and the people who push “harm reduction” education would suggest that young people are going to get into trouble anyway, so let’s atleast try and reduce the fall out. I encourage parents not to buy this fatalistic approach and to take more responsibilty in the education and guidance of their kids. Something can be done about teen alcohol abuse.  “The Drug Attraction” is an ebook to help parents get in more control of this issue. Simple to understand, it doesn’t pretend to be academic but is designed to be useable. The more parents know about the subject of drugs and alcohol, the more they can be responsible for their sphere of influence and the more they can be in control. This ebook has knowledge they can pass on to their kids, to help them be in control of their lives, while at the same time it has some ideas on how to best to approach the subject.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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