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Schools for Troubled Teens | Ash Creek Ranch

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Troubled teens in America is an overwhelming problem…Ash Creek Ranch is aware of the struggles and is here to serve you. countless American families are hurting, and hurting deeply. The sad thing is that hurting families don’t know where to go or what options they have. The normal thing is to seek professional help through traditional therapy. However, therapy does not help the “entitled” teen. As a matter of fact, many parents are finding that traditional therapy actually causes more problems then it solves. Why? Because the major issue that troubled teens face are a direct result of emotional immaturity and entitlement. Therapist gives entitled teens excuses and justifications for their immature behavior by giving their actions labels, such as ODD, Bipolar, and Depression. In reality, troubled teens are struggling emotionally immature, ungrateful, unappreciative, and unthankful. What they need is a dose of mental toughness, discipline, accountability, and responsibility. Entitled kids will not come out of their problems through traditional therapy; they will only have a better excuse for their inappropriate choices.

Ashcreek Ranch serves troubled teens across the nation. We understand the struggles you are having and want to help. For more information please call 844-211-1354 today.

The Godly v.s the Ungodly

By: Sandy Brunson

Psalms 1 clearly reveals and contrasts the outcomes for those whose lives are “godly” and for those whose lives are “ungodly”. As Christians, we need to be constantly aware of our heritage in the Lord and also our boundaries as God’s Chosen Generation, a Holy Nation. For God’s people, there are certain parameters of a godly life…and as we walk in them, God says in His Word that we should expect different “outcomes” than the ones described for the ungodly!

Every good study of the Psalms includes a certain awareness of the very FIRST one that introduces the Book. In only 6 short verses, the contrasts are well-marked and vividly graphic. The godly man is blessed…fortunate, favored, and bequeathed with the benefit of being like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth (spiritual) fruit in its season. The ungodly, it bluntly reveals, are not so. They are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Good fruit remains and sustains…chaff is scattered and leaves nothing to show for itself!

The blessed man clearly knows and follows through with what to do…and avoids what not to do. The godly person does not live his life by the counsel and advice of those who are ungodly and wicked. He does not stand around with sinners, having continued fellowship with them; for the friends one chooses determine to a large extent one’s destiny and success in life. And finally, the godly are not scornful, arrogant, haughty, impolite, cynical, sarcastic, overbearing, fault-finding, or critical as are the ungodly.

Instead, he delights in doing everything the Lord wants, and he thinks about and meditates upon the truth of God…day and night. He is full of this truth…therefore, he bears the fruit of truth…purity, holiness, righteousness, faithfulness, goodness, love, peace, joy, and he is able to control himself when tempted by evil. What power! It comes only from the HOLY SPIRIT with whom He fellowships day and night!

Even the leaves on the branches of his life are healthy…not withering…because they are drawing strength from the rivers of water by which his life is planted! THIS ONE prospers, making headway and getting along in life. He thrives and flourishes within his heart…even though the outward circumstances about him may lack at times. His spirit grows and develops in spite of situations that are otherwise discouraging.

The ungodly have no such promise or result in the face of similar things. And their long range outlook is bleak and desolate; for they will be condemned at the time of judgment…for not believing, receiving, or doing the things the godly do by virtue of the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells within. The ungodly have no place among the godly, and their life path leads to destruction. But our Holy God watches over the life path of the godly…and His promises are “yes” and “amen”…or “so be it”, to those who receive His heritage and willingly walk within His parameters of godliness. No promise of God is without responsible action which is taken on our part. No one will prosper in spirit until he starts doing what God says….progressively, in all areas of life. Even the ungodly want the promised benefits without responsible commitment…but it will never happen. Truth thriving within a heart takes time to develop and through patient pursuit of His promises, we may expect His Word to mature in our lives…and the outcomes to be blessed!

As Christians, we must remind ourselves continually of these promises…thinking on them, and meditating on them more than we do on the current gloom and doom reports in the news. As doers of the Word, we shall be found holding fast to the promises of God, trusting Him to fulfill every word to both the godly as well as the ungodly! Just thinking upon that truth…frees the godly from the terror that flies by day and night! We must be found faithfully “doing His Word” when He comes!

Walking in Agreement with God: Part 2 Sandy Brunson Aug 12, 2005

As His church…His “called out ones”…His expectation of agreement with Him for each of us is the same. We are ALL to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts (desires). We are to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this PRESENT AGE! Christ gave Himself to us that He might REDEEM US – buy us back from sin and from ALL iniquity…that He might PURIFY (cleanse) us unto Himself that we be a “peculiar people” – zealous of good, righteous works and actions…in THIS life!

Christ suffered on the cross for each one of us! He practiced NO SIN! He left us an example that we should follow and live in His steps! No guile (lie nor deceit) was found in His mouth…so it should not be found in ours either! Even lying against who HE says we are IN HIM! We are to “put off the ways of our former life apart from Him!” These old ways were corrupt according to lying desires and patterns of behavior. These desires lied against the truth of a pure life in Christ Jesus…and they must GO!

Each of us are to be renewed, be made “new” in the spirit, the attitude of our mind. A renewed mind will submit itself to God daily, moment by moment, if necessary, and RESIST the temptation to continue in fear, anger, pain, sorrow, guilt, and shame! Or sin of ANY kind! These things come, of course, in life; but we are to resist them and “put on the new man” which is a life of righteousness and holiness.

We are not to continue in ANY sin – in ANY independent practice, habit, or personality trait that is a disobedient act toward God. To do so is foreign to the whole spirit and aim of the salvation Jesus Christ….our REDEEMER made available to us. God forbid! How shall I continue to live any longer in sin!

When we were baptized into Jesus Christ, we were baptized into His death (to sin). We were “buried with Him” by baptism into death (of sin) AND we were raised up (resurrected!) by the glory, power, wisdom and love of the Father unto a new way of living life! Hallelujah!!!

We are to purpose to live life…looking unto HIM….apart from all sin which includes prolonged fear, anger, pain, sorrow, guilt, and shame! Jesus has called us out of bondage to sin into a “different way of living!” Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost is the way we are to daily pursue with our eyes set on HIM in faith and with all our strength! THIS is to be the Kingdom of God…within us!

We are not to walk after our flesh nature…serving it…but rather we are to walk in agreement with God and condemn any practice of the sin of our flesh nature as He does. We are to fulfill the righteousness of God’s law….by walking and living after His Spirit that is Holy and righteous!

“As His Divine power HAS GIVEN to us ALL THINGS that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, by which have been given to us…exceedingly GREAT and PRECIOUS PROMISES, that THROUGH THESE we may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust (evil desires contrary to God and His Truth)!” 2 Peter 1:3-4

“For I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth….and He shall stand at last on the earth!” Job 19:25 May we walk in agreement with God and stand with Him in ALL things!

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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